GoPro Helmet Mount

GoPro Helmet Mount

Are you looking for a helmet mount made specifically for your GoPro? Then look no further! We at GoPro have carefully designed and manufactured helmet mounts specifically for your GoPro! This way we can ensure you that our mount will fit perfectly on your helmet! We specialize in Motorcycle helmet mounts, but we can make a fitting one just for you on request! 

Our goal is to create a durable helmet mount that ensures safety for you and your camera. Curious about what we’ve got to offer? Check our complete collection in the store, or fill in a custom helmet mount request! We’re certain we can provide you of the helmet mount you need!

Go Moto Chin Mount For Scorpion Exo 1400 Motorcycle Helmet

Looking for a GoPro Helmet Mount?

Our GoPro Helmet Mount is not only practical in terms of fitment, strength and reliability. But it is also lovely to look at. We provide our chin mounts in a wide range of different colors. For example, red, blue, yellow, green, or black. The color of your helmet is most certainly available, and if not, we will make it, just for you!

At Go Moto, we value safety and reliability. This is how our motto was created: Go Secure, Go Moto. We spend a lot of time on research and development to make sure our helmet mounts work as they are supposed to and provide safety. You never know what you might encounter when you go on an adventure, Go Moto makes these adventures recordable. This allows you to show your footage to your friends and family, have evidence in case of an accident, or share it on social media!

Go Pro Motorcycle Helmet Mounts

As mentioned, Go Moto specializes in the production of durable and reliable motorcycle helmet mounts. We ensure safety and fun by making it possible to capture the road. This way you will always have your adventures recorded in case something good or bad happens. Want to know more about Go Moto? Read our about us page.

Go Secure, Go moto

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