By riders for riders

Our vision

At Go Moto we think it is important that every motorcyclist can use an action camera on the motorcycle with ease and safety. That is why we think it is important that all the right products can be ordered at one place. Everything we create will make the experience on your motorcycle easier, better or safer. Offering innovative quality products is our main goal.


Go Moto offers the perfect solution to attach your action camera to your helmet. Due to the complex shapes of motorcycle helmets, it is often not possible to mount a camera on each helmet. At Go Moto we make helmet-specific mounting products that will exactly fit your helmet. The Go Moto mount ensures accurate first person recording without compromising the safety and aesthetics of the helmet. This way you can easily share your footage with your online viewers, friends or family. It’s always a good idea to film during the ride. Whether for entertainment or road safety.

Our goal

Go Moto has the widest range of helmet-specific mounts. Our goal is to be able to help every customer with a suitable product. Since it can be very difficult for many motorcyclists to find a suitable mounting solution for their helmet, we try to offer helmet specific mounts for everyone. Can’t find the product you are looking for in our range? Contact us and we will arrange it! We are working really hard to cover as many helmets as possible!

Stan Pickkers
This entrepreneur always wanted to bring his two passions together. Motorcycles and product design. His goal: making the best action camera mount for your motorcycle helmet. He proudly represents Go Moto!

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